About Us

It all started during COVID lock down in March 2020. Being locked down we were unable to get out to our favourite coffee shop to get our daily fix.

We tried all the instant coffee in the supermarkets and nothing could come close to satisfy our taste buds.

We went on a mission to source the very best coffee we could find, we sampled a lot of single origin coffee before discovering the art of blending! We discovered by mixing a bit of this and a bit of that we discovered brand new flavours.

Our signature blends were created! when our friends and family tried our blends they all loved them so we thought we would share these with the World (well the uk first – we will start with the world tomorrow!)

Such was the success – Yellow Mountain Coffee was born.

By popular demand we now supply our truly delicious blends along with single origin coffee, roasted to your desire, Dark, Medium or Light and either Whole Beans, Coarse Ground or fine ground.