El Salvador Cerro de Ataco Coffee Beans

In El Salvador the coffee industry is so important it actually makes up about 90% of the regions exports. The coffee producers in this region really go the extra mile to ensure the product they are exporting is the very highest quality and screen size and thus produce a consistent and excellent coffee. 

The 100 year old local mill in Santa Ana, Benfico Las Cruces – handles all the regions coffee beans. The mill has been updated over the years and now boasts eco-friendly equipment, mechanical driers, raised African beds and patios which enable both wet and dry processing.

This coffee is grown in the volcanic mountain range of Apaneca Ilamatepec which runs through the west of El Salvador, Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, and Sonsonate regions. The volcanic, high altitude (1350-1500m), tropical conditions of this area creates a perfect environment for the coffee plants to thrive.

Cerro de Ataco actually translates to “The Attacked Hill” and in 2005 the more dominant of the 4 volcanos Ilamatepec (a.k.a Santa Ana) erupted causing devastation to the dense coffee growing region. It took around 2 years for the coffee farms in this area to fully recover.

Tasting Notes: dark nutty chocolate – think pecan pie!

Process: Washed

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