All about roasting.

Once the coffee grower has harvested and processed the coffee beans they are put in sacks ready for export. These beans are green and need to be roasted before they can be used for coffee. Whilst every producer and coffee roaster will have their own unique level of roast you can generally be guided as follows.

  • Lightly roasted beans can be a little bitter and have a duller flavour they are high acidity and caffeine.
  • Medium roast beans are the most common roast and have more flavour, you can easily taste the subtle tones of the coffee. Coffee
  • Medium-dark roast beans have a lower acidity level, wonderful rich, dark flavour, sometimes an oil on the surface of the coffee, can have a bitter-sweet aftertaste.
  • Dark roasts beans are very low in acidity, taste bitter and have a full body, stronger flavour.

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