Single Origin Coffee V Blended Coffee

What is a coffee blend? 

Blended coffee has Largely been considered an inferior drink. This is because big coffee producers try and ‘bulk’ up there coffee with cheaper and usually inferior Robusta beans. This process is common with instant coffee producers.
However there are now a number of smaller coffee roasters who blend expensive single origin coffee beans in order to enhance and create a flavour which is not possible to achieve with a single origin coffee.
The blending process can either be completed before the beans are roasted or once roasting has been completed.
Here at Yellow Mountain Coffee our signature blends have been carefully Crafted using select high quality single origin coffee beans which are blended together to create a coffee which is suitable for a variety of brewing methods.

We started off getting to know and understanding the unique flavours of some of the worlds best single origin coffee beans. We looked for the individual characteristics of each coffee and came up with a recipe to take our favourite elements from a select few coffees and blend them together to produce a full bodied, well balanced coffee.

Single origin coffee

A single origin coffee is simply a coffee produced from a single source.